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Competing in  martial art competition is one of the most enjoyable parts of martial arts for younger people.  Especially your younger male students. Often it’s a great outlet to express their aggression in a positive manner. They also learn a great deal in competition such as good sportsmanship, the true purpose of the techniques they are learning, and they meet new friends.

Just getting to the match dose raise it’s own chalanges.  I have tryed reting busses and trying to get parrents to drive.  It is a logistics nightmare. Last time I went to a competition I actually found that renting a limo service from Olathe Limo Service was quite economical and very effective.

2013-02-07 19.18.21As soon as you get to the competition you’ll go through the registration process. Hopefully most of the paperwork has already been done before you arrive. The more you get done before you get to the event the better off you’ll be.  Hopefully everyone is brought all their sparring equipment and their belts and of course uniforms. If not normally they sell items there at the competition.

The competition entails many different events such as sparring, forms, and sometimes weapons. Normally I recommend to the students to do two events. That way if they didn’t do as well in one event, chances are they will  placing another. Competition are great for building confidence in their techniques and in them selves. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s a few tips on teaching children.

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When teaching children their form or kata, make sure that you were in front of the studant. I usually am in front of the kid slightly on one side or the other.  Only teach a few moves at a time.  When doing turns walk to the front of the studant in the same direct that the turn is executed. If the child does a move incorrectly stop the form, show the proper technique, and then do the entire form all over again.  After the student has learned the entire form, practice doing the form in different ways such: as fast, slow, with your eyes closed, and in multiple different directions.  If you can make it into a game it will also enhance the students learning experience. Competitions are also make very entertaining for both student and instructor.  It is important that the student gets the techniques as perfectly as they can. However it is also extremely important not to nitpick the student allow them to have success.

When practicing blocks, punches, and other hand tecnices they are mainly done from horse stance position. The instructor should be using the opposite arm as he wants the students to use. This will act as a mere for the studant.  Just because you’re in a horse stance does not mean that you need to have rows of kids and instructor in the front. Try doing your hand techniques with the student surrounding you in a circle and the instructor in the middle.  Another fun thing is to jump forward or jump backwards or jump to the side in your horse stance then execute your hand techniques. This will increase the energy in your class and the kids will have a great time. Sometimes I like to jump up in the air do a 360 land yell and then do the hand technique.

When working with kids you have to understand the kids learn by Clay. Seven more that you can do where the students don’t believe their training, but you’re playing games the better they will learn in the morning joy aboard your classes will be.  It’s also very important to keep a high energy class. It’s okay to have some moments of teaching where the energy level is a bit lower. I would recommend that you always start the class with high-energy and in the class with high-energy.  My rule is if the kids look like they’re not having fun, play game.2013-04-18 18.35.01This was our ninja training week.

Looking for a martial arts studio Part two

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No martial arts school teaches exactly the same.  Therefor it is important that you know what you would like to gain out of the school. Are you looking for self-defense?  Are you looking for a fun-filled Kids program? Are you looking to increase your overall health?  Are you looking to compete in competition? There are many schools that will tell you that you will gain all of this, but what I have found is that most schools spend more time on certain areas.  Now since most schools will tell you that they do all of these.  It is best to watch classes and participate in as many as you can before you need to make a final decision. The next thing you should consider, is what style of martial arts would you like to learn?  Different styles offer different benefits and work better with different body styles.  Let’s take some time to look at the most popular styles of martial arts and allow me to shed some light on each one of them.

Tae Kwon Do is quite possibly the most popular style of martial art in the US today.  The best body structure for this style is tall and slender.  It is great for children to learn.  There are many Taekwondo schools that are very active in tournaments.  The style consists of 70% Kicks. Which gives a great foundation for all striking martial arts.  It lacks in self-defense.  It also has no grappling.  It is a simple style to learn which makes it great for children. However after Black Belt I would recommend that you learn another style.

Karate is a form of martial art originating in Japan. It has much more self defense and uses more hand techniques and kicking techniques. Most kick to say do you are low kicks below the belt. However I must warn you that many schools simply call themself karate without truly being a karate school. Many of them are Taekwondo or Korean karate, which is like Taekwondo. I have found the karate can adapt to many different body structures I’ve seen short stocky people do it and I’ve seen tall thin people do it as well. It is best to find out the style of karate that they are teaching. I learned Kenpo Karate for American Kenpo, which is a great style for self-defense. Workouts are not extremely strenuous. Classes mainly consist of practicing self-defense techniques on one another. There is contact in executing the techniques so although all precautions for safety are usually taken you will get beat up a little bit. Some children enjoy these types of classes but not nearly as much as a Taekwondo class specifically designed for children.

The last style I would like to talk about is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because it’s so popular due to mixed martial arts on TV.  It is primarily grappling style martial arts. This is very effective system of self-defense for one opponent.  The system takes an extremely long time to rank and belts. Most children don’t have the attention span for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu if taught properly.  Depending on the school the workouts can be extremely intense but if you enjoy the style it’s a great class. If you ever wrestled in high school and wanted to learn a martial art this is martial art for you. The best body structure for this style is short and stocky.

Looking for a martial arts studio Part one

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If you are looking for a martial arts studio there is more to consider then what you may think. This blog is to point out some thing that you may not think about when choosing a martial arts school.

Location is an obvious factor is choosing a school. I don’t know what the percentage is but I feel that is rather high on how many people choose a school for the soul purpose that it is close to them. Although it must be considered it is NOT the biggest thing you should look at. If this your first time trying an art you should count on going to class at lest two times a week, as long as you are close enough to get to class twice a week you should be good. Of cores if you have been training for years a couple of hours to go maybe five time a mouth for private lessons is well worth it.

Cost is always a factor. Most schools with a storefront are going to cost between $80-$180 a month.   Just because the school is expensive or cheep dose not tell you if it is worth it. I have seen schools that charge very little ran out of the instructors back yard that are much better then those high dollar school. I have also seen schools that charge a lot of money but are not worth twenty dollars. Schools like that are normally charging that because they have a famous instructor, that you will probably never train with. May schools have testing fees, so that is something you should ask about. Also ask about how often you should be testing. If you see lots of belt on the wall you will probably be testing every three mounts or so for the first few belt. Those testing fees can start to add up. Look for uniform costs. May schools will give you your first uniform. It’s not the best uniform, but it gets the job done. Of cores if you join a special class like demo team expect to buy a nice uniform. Many martial arts school require a contract for at lest a year. The contracts suck if you ask me, but if the school is running a business they are almost necessary because the instructor dose need to know how much is coming in every month so he can keep the doors open. If they have a stat up cost for the contract, I would definitely try to neonate that. There is no good reason for it and it is a good sine that this school is just out for the money.

Come back soon for the next part of this post. We will cover styles, goals, competitions, and much more.


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Hello I am Paul and this is my new web blog.  Hop you enjoy reading my post because I am sure having fun posting them.  It is kind of zen.  Well I have to go but visit me any time right here.